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On this spectacular trip we want to show you a very special, very different part of our island, an almost untouched area with high mountains, old villages and places far away from typical seaside resorts and from any tourism industry. We want to show you the genuine Crete, the island, as it once was... We start our trip visiting a typical Cretan olive-oil factory. Above the historic plateau of Askifou we make our first photo-stop. The next opportunity to take more nice pictures is the beautiful lmbros Gorge. After a short coffee-break there we start the most imposing part of our bus ride. High in the mountains, on the plateau of Asfendou and at the village of Kallikrati we find enough places for the next fantastic pictures. At the village of Miriokefala we visit one of the oldest churches on our island and at the village of Argiroupolis we stop to admire its charming cascades. Afterwards, as one of the highlights of the day, we visit the picturesque Kournas Lake, where we stay at a typical Cretan village tavern, for a well-deserved traditional lunch (not included!), enjoying a magnificent view of the lake and of the mountains, we have crossed just few hours ago.

 Озеро Курна и Традиционные горные селения

В этом захватывающем путешествии мы хотим показать вам особенные и очень разнообразные части нашего острова, почти нетронутую область с высокими горами, деревни и места далекие от типичных морских курортов и туристических маршрутов. Мы хотим показать вам подлинный Крит, остров как это было раньше. Над историческим плато Аскифу мы сделаем нашу первую фото-остановку. Следующая возможность сделать прекрасные фотографии - это красивое ущелье Имброс. После короткого кофе-брейка мы начнем самую внушительную часть нашей поездки на автобусе. Высоко в горах, на плато Асфендиу и в деревне Калликрати вы найдете красивые и разнообразные места для следующих фантастических фотографий. В деревне Мириокефала мы посетим одну из самых старых церквей на нашем острове и остановимся в деревне Аргируполис, чтобы полюбоваться его очаровательными водопадами. затем, как один из основных моментов дня, мы посетим живописное озеро Курнас, где остановимся в типичной критской таверне, для заслуженного традиционного обеда (не входит в стоимости, наслаждаясь прекрасным видом на озеро и горы, которые мы пересекли всего несколько часов назад.



 The beautiful Lake Kournas in Chania Crete: Lake Kourna is the only lake with fresh water in Crete. It is situated in a magnificent location, just 4km away from Georgioupolis Chania. It is a rather small lake, known from antiquity with the name Korisia. Lake Kournas is a remarkable destination for an afternoon walk or a day trip. The relaxing and beautiful landscape is ideal for nature lovers. In Lake Kournas, there are two fountains with only one of them being visible, especially during the end of the summer: the Eye, as the locals call the fountain. This natural lake was created by the holdback of the underwater that comes from the White Mountains, the resistant rocks and the lie of the natural cavity. Basically the lake is a huge hollow which is fed from the southeast side with water due to its soil. Lake Kournas is an important part of the Greek ecosystem, as it is one of the few areas in Crete where there is abundant fresh water throughout the year. This is one of the reasons that the Lake Kournas is a protected area by the Natura 2000 Network. The lake is surrounded by a greenery environment with rare plants and trees. The dark color of the lake is caused from the seaweeds coming from the depth of the lake. Many animals find shelter here. Lake Kournas is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. It is the ideal location for a relaxing walk around the transparent water of the lake. On the one side of the lake there are cafeterias and taverns, offering a remarkable view to the lake. You can swim in the magnificent small beaches with white sand, located next to the cafeterias. Also visitors can do pedals here to explore the lake. Due to its dark water, there are many myths associated with this lake. An old myth said that the lake has no bottom. However, this was only a myth since its depth is actually 22,5 meters


Argyroupolis (GR:Αργυρούπολις) is a small town of the county of Rethymno, built at 260m a.s.l. between the rivers "Mousselas" and "Petres". It lies 22km from the national road and 5km from Episkopi.
Its 700 inhabitants are mainly farmers and stock breeders.
There is a police station, post office, gas station, taverns and other tourist facilities.
The town has natural springs and lush vegetation which makes for a very pleasant stroll through its streets.

Argiroupolis is the site of the ancient city of Lapa. According to the myths, Lapa was created by Agamemnon, the hero of the Trojan war. The older coins of the city show the goddess Vritomartis Artemis, who was a Cretan goddess influenced by the Minoan religion. In the Greek wars they were allies of Knossos but when Knossos destroyed Lyttos the people of Lapa accepted the Lyttoans in their city and their homes.
Lapa was one of the most important cities of western Crete during Roman times. It controlled the area around it from the north to the south coast. It had two harbours, one on the north coast of Crete and another on the south. It is said that its harbour was Finix on the south coast of Crete in present-day Loutro.

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