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CRETAN TRADITIONAL DAY LIFE  ECO TRIP The purpose of this trip is for the visitors to get to know a part of the real Crete by going to places you wouldnt visit unless the local people took you there. You will experience the wild beautiful in land and you will get acquainted with the residents, their occupations and activities their habits and lifestyle. 1. First stop is the traditional bakery of Mrs. Maria in Damavolou village where we can see and taste the bread, cookies and of course the paximadi, the traditional Rusk, made in the wood oven. 2. Village of Axos    Wooden and Craft Museum  Euro 3 entrance fee - You will meet Mr. George that makes wooden giant sculptures, he uses dead trees from all over the island, brings them to his workplace and makes big statues of them, all inspired from Greek and Cretan history. Have you ever seen a 3 meter high sculpture of Hercules killing the Lion of Nemea? 3. Visit the Monastery of St.George in Axos if you wish. (entrance costs 1 euro ) and you can see the historical mill which was built in the 18th century. 4. Visit the Village of Livadia where you can see how the local cheese Graviera is made and taste some. For lunch, we will go to the top of Psiloritis Mountain, the highest mountain in Crete. The visit there is exciting. The feeling of eating fresh lamb charcoaled in the traditional way OFTO- in the nature along with the shepherd and the local people, is marvelous. On the way back were going to have a stop at Margarites. This is a picturesque village where you will have the chance to come in contact with the traditional Cretan lifestyle, to meet locals , to walk through the cobblestone paths, to get familiar with the ceramic art and to take your last photos as the best souvenir of this unforgettable trip. Here you have 25 minutes of free time to walk around. Starts at 08h15 and ends at 17h00 Euro 70 for each Adult and 55 Euros for each child(up tp 12 years) Available Language : ENG-FR Other Language upon request

From :28/04/2017

To: 30/07/2017





Monday, Sunday


Time of departure: 08:20:00

Time of return: 17:00:00


Pric(Ad):  79.00€

Price (Ch):  65

Price (In):  0.00€



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