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Arkadi 741 00, Greece Arkadi, All Destinations

In this short tour you will visit the Monastery of Arkadi  witch is one of the most impressive monasteries of the islands of Crete The monastery played an active role in the Cretan resistance of Ottoman rule during  the Cretan revolt of 1866. In  the Monastery there is a small museum where many icons and monastic relics as well as weapons are exhibited.

The other stop will be the traditional village margarites   Since the ancient time the colourful  village is well known for its traditional potteries . In the workshop Tsikalario you can also be able to make something yourselves.

One of the most interesting thing to see in Crete is also  the Melidoni cave  witch  is very important due to the archaeological findings, some of which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Rethymno . Moreover, the cave has played a tragic role in the history of Cretan revolution against the Turks, in 1824.

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