Margarites – Matala – Agia Galini Tour

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On this fantastic tour you have old and traditional villages, churches, history, archaeology, mythology, nice photo-stops, a beautiful beach… truly a little of everything. The main destination of the tour is the picturesque bay and the village of Matala. The village is well-known especially for its ancient caves, carved out thousands of years ago in the cliffs above the beautiful sandy beach. Our first stop is the village of Margarites. Since the ancient time the colorful village is well-known for its traditional potteries. At one of them we will be able to have a close look at their artistic work. It follows a very interesting bus ride through some very old villages and than through the evergreen Amari Valley, along the foothills of the famous Ida Mountains. Our next stop is one of the most idyllic places on our island- the village of Agia Galini. After a nice coffee-break there we continue to Matala. Reaching our main destination we stay for a traditional lunch and for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea. On the way back we take a totally different road and make two nice photo stops- at the archaeological site of Phaestos and at the village of Spili, well-known for its freshwater springs and lion-fountains.

On this trip we start from the village of Margarites , which is located in the picturesque green hills of the Rethymno region .This village is well known for its pottery. It has also some extraordinary and lovely narrow winding streets .They exist some Venetian churches and plenty of cafes to relax in.

After following a very interesting bus ride through some old villages  and the Amari valley  situated on the foothills of Mount Ida and Mount Kedros in Crete which  was known as the center of resistance to the Germans during the Battle of Crete and the German occupation , we arrive  at the fishing village of Agia Gallini a  picturesque and friendly harbor village This is the place where according to the Greek Mythology Ikaros flew and died.

We continue then to our final destination Matala , the village well known  for its ancient caves carved out thousands of years ago in the cliffs.They ‘re also known for the places that the Hippies used and live in the 70s

On the way back to Rethymno  we will stop at the archaeological site of Phaestos which  was one of the most important centers of Minoan civilization, and the most wealthy and powerful city in southern Crete, and the village Spili well known for its fresh water springs and lion fountains




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